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“We feel lucky and blessed to have found Theraplay.  After spending almost a year at another facility and feeling like there were no solutions, our daughter is a changed person emotionally and with her OT issues. This is the level of care I hoped and dreamed my child would receive.”
“When we first started, I was unsure of the road we were heading down. We didn’t have a diagnosis, I didn’t know if we needed one, and really didn’t know what to expect for the future. I will forever be indebted to Theraplay for the amount of time they spent with us and the education that was provided. We have a new found strength and are now excited about our son’s future.”
“We worked for years to provide our son with individual therapy to beat the odds. We took a gamble this summer based off of recommendations from the Theraplay team to provide him with an atypical approach. I can not express to you the level of gratitude we share for the progress he has made in three short months. Everyone on the Theraplay team is professional, caring, and would do anything for my child. They truly are an extension of our family.”
“Theraplay has never been afraid to think outside the box. My child doesn’t fit into a box, so that is a very good thing!”
“My husband & I are SO appreciative of you coming to the ARD! Your input was essential to getting exactly what he needs! It's hard to put into words what your work with our son truly means! Thank you for all you do!”
“We are just amazed at how much progress our son has made in a few short months. After spending nearly 2 years at another facility, this is the first time we have really started to see progress and a confidence change in our son. Homework used to be filled with tears, and while we still have some of those days, they are few and far between.”
“To watch my son struggle in school and feel helpless about what I could do was heartbreaking. Since starting with Theraplay the progress and amount of confidence my son has with his school work and interacting with his peers makes me cry with excitement. For the first time, my son is starting to “get it.”

Our Commitment

Theraplay Associates is dedicated to the individual progress and education of the child and family. We strive to provide each family and team member with a superb level of communication and knowledge about the occupational therapy process. We are involved with every aspect of our client’s team. We feel a solid team approach is vital in the therapeutic success of each child.